Water and Woods

March, 2022

New Year’s Eve day was the last time I paddled. Patches of thin ice poked through the dense Lake Washinee fog and hissed at me when I paddled too closely. Soon thereafter, my beloved lake froze and I, once again, redirected my energy from the water to the woods. I enjoyed a handful of cold AT section hikes and a dozen blustery snowshoe treks. Though I prefer the water to the woods, our local trails and mountains are perfect winter playgrounds. I can’t get on the water quite yet – we have a snowstorm brewing this weekend – though I feel very fortunate to live in such a great town with immediate access to lakes. And, I suppose, mountains too.

Perhaps next winter I will launch GO Snowshoe CT LLC. Until then, I will be awaiting the melting of the ice and looking forward to returning to the water.

Happy Paddling!


Paddleboard Lessons, Teambuilding, and Rentals adam@gopaddleboardct.com (443)676-6696

http://www.gopaddleboardct.com @gopaddleboardct

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