Spring, 2023

Last year, a colleague of mine recommended Michael Easter’s, Comfort Crisis; Embrace Discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self. Hooked by the title, I bought a copy and read it twice; I highly recommend it. Yesterday, we had the good fortune to spend the day with Micheal Easter. Immersing himself within our community, Easter listened, talked, challenged, informed, and inspired. After he shared a more formal evening talk, one of our boys invited him to join us for an early morning, 36-degree, polar bear plunge in Lake Washinee. Predictably, he obliged. Though this was no misogi, we were stoked, all thirty of us, to jump into the chilly water with him.

Easter conveyed many points, all backed by research and illustrated by his own personal experiences.

Getting outside is really good for us. Trying something new is really good for us. Pushing our perceived limitations is really good for us.

That is what stuck with me. Sounds simple, perhaps axiomatic, though Easter cites study after study to support these claims. I suppose Easter validated, and perhaps explained, why I enjoy paddling and sharing paddling with others so much.

Learning to SUP can be a daunting task. Clients worry about falling, not being able to stand up, or just not being “good enough”. Others are afraid of the natural lake water or what lies beneath. When my clients express these healthy and natural fears, I assure them that learning something new or pushing perceived limitations is a bit scary. However, you will be ok. According to Easter, you will be better than ok since, by doing hard things and trying something new, you will have grown.

We also grow by Getting Outside. Teaching clients to SUP or leading SUP tours affords me the opporutnity to share the water and surroundings from a very unique perspective. With the Taconic or Berkshire mountains as our backdrop, our local lakes are truly spectacular. From our boards, we spy eagles soaring and ospreys diving, we hear the water lapping against our boards or a heron squawking when we paddle too closely, and we breathe in the fresh lake air. We feel the water against our feet and the wind pushing our bodies. We immerse ourselves within the natural world and this is really good for us too.

In short, Easter validated, through his own personal experiences and varied studies, that Getting Outside, challenging ourselves, and trying something new are really good for us. In no uncertain terms, that is exactly why I created GO Paddleboard CT, LLC, and it has been really good for me too πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading and I will see you on the water soon.


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