CT Self-Certified

As of May 20th, the state of Connecticut and Governor Lamont authorized the reopening of outdoor recreation businesses; this includes paddleboarding. This sector falls under the General Business Rules protocol that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Enhanced and daily cleaning of shared equipment
  • Gatherings of no more than 5
  • Continued social distancing
  • Face masks covering mouth and nose worn when among others and six foot distance is unavoidable
  • Contact free payment via digital invoice

So here’s what paddling with GO Paddleboard CT LLC can look like …

  • Lessons and tours will be restricted to small groups of no more than four people. Equipment will be bleached before and after each use. While on land, masks will be worn and distance adhered to. When on water, masks can be removed and we will paddle at a safe distance (10 feet on water) from one another.
  • Rental equipment will be bleached before and after each use. Delivery will occur safely and from a distance and we will adhere to social distancing at public boat launches. We reserve the right to restrict or deny rentals due to circumstance or non-compliance.
  • Consultation for paddleboard sales will be done over the phone, email, or at a safe social distance under distancing protocol. Delivery or pickup of purchased equipment will, too, adhere to distancing protocol.
  • If you would like to paddle in another neighboring state (MA or NY), please let me know in advance so we can adhere to all relevant state mandates.

The protocol noted above has been screened and approved by a State of Connecticut Office of Business and Development representative.

Please call (443)676-6696 or email adam@gopaddleboardct.com with questions.