I will meet you at Long Pond or East Twin Lake in Salisbury, CT, or several Southern Berkshire bodies of water including Lake Garfield or The Stockbridge Bowl. All packages include boards, pfds, dry bags, and delivery.  To preserve your memories, I also provide photos or videos at no additional cost. Additionally, I have traditional rigid boards, inflatable boards, and touring boards for you to enjoy. 

Multi-day discounted lesson packs are ideal for teens, families, or friend groups.

Email adam@goapddleboardct.com or call (443)676-6696 to inquire

NEW!! Teambuilding Events

Paddling together is ideal for coroparte retreats, wedding parties, or family reunions. I will faciliate icebreakes before we hit the water for a short SUP 101 instruction. When everybody is comfortable, we will embark on a fun journey that incoroparates teambuilding exercises including, but not limited to, board switching, two-on-one board races, pivot turn challenge, and run-across-the-boards contest. Dress to get wet! Call or email in advance to create YOUR corporate SUP event.

Individual or Small Group Lessons     2 hours     $80 plus $20 per person

Lessons are great for any skill level from first-timer to race-ready.  All lessons include a short on shore introduction and comfort assessment followed by ACA certified skills instruction weaved into a lake tour. I will adjust the experience to fit YOUR needs and comfort level. Paddlers can have a  dry experience or a wet experience; either way, you will learn proper paddling techniques in a safe and fun way.

Sunset, Sunrise, or Moonlight Tour        1 hour    $60 plus $20 per person

Tours are ideal for any individual or group looking for a relaxing way to spend some time on the water. Sunset or moonlight tours are great date night ideas too.  You will receive basic skill instruction while we make our way around one of our local scenic spots. If we are lucky, we might spot a resident eagle and paddlers can stop for a break, snack, picnic, fish, or swim. You can get wet or stay dry.

HardCORE SUP Workout or Race Training   1-2 hours   $80 plus $20 per person

Standup paddleboarding can be a killer core workout! After a basic skills instruction and comfort assessment, we will embark on a 40-minute race training workout that is guaranteed to get your heart pounding. Interval sprint training and core blasters such as on-board crunches, squats, lunges, planks, and pushups are highlights. Some paddlers enjoy an open water swim too. Workouts will be adjusted to fit your skill and comfort levels and finish with a light paddle cool down back to shore. Dress to get wet.

SUP Water Olympics      2 hours     $80 plus $20 per person

This option is great for kids or families.  After a short basic skills instruction and assessment, paddlers will embark upon a fun and spirited individual and team skills competition. Events include, but are not limited to, walking the board length, pivot turning, board switching, relay racing, noodle tagging, water cornholing, cannonballing, and SUP dancing. Be ready to have fun and get wet! You’ll get a little technique and a whole lot of fun.

Rentals   3 hours     $50 per person

Want to SUP independently? Then try renting! Rentals include all the equipment delivered to you plus a brief on shore tutorial. Choose from a variety of board options that are good for touring, families, yoga, or racing. We also have inflatables – they easily fit in the trunk of your car – if you’d like to travel to another body of water. For most paddlers, three hours is plenty of time though you can arrange for full, multiple day, or weekly rentals too.

SUP Party! 2 hours – half day $300 – $500

Paddleboarding can be ideal for parties, weddings, family gatherings, or reunions. I customize each even to suit. Call or email for more information.